Contemporary architecture is practiced against the backdrop of continuous rapid change and the consequent multiple systems of disconnections it creates.........We are problem solvers with a regard for aesthetics, and as such we have a vital contribution to make to the job of stitching together multiple disconnections.
Bauman Lyons 2012
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Bradley Architecture is design studio with a social agenda at its core. The studio engages in projects that promote positive outcomes for the individual and the broader community. The studio collaborates with a broad group of consultants and community/industry groups to achieve a harmonious design outcome. We enjoy working with a wide array of clients and stakeholders from the individual residential to the community project.

Kevin Bradley is a registered architect with a back story of 30 years in the construction industry. Architecture came later in the piece after spending many years on construction sites and in design offices. This experience affords a deep and broad knowledge of the construction industry.

Kevin also possesses post graduate qualifications in Facilities Management with 14 years of asset management and project/contract management experience.